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Are you looking for drum sounds that you hear in your favorit producer's records?
Are you looking for drums but no seller gives you any free samples?
Are you ready to feed your hardware with the real deal?
You want those crisp-thick drums?

Wanna make a remix and catch the listeners attention?
Wanna get some industry standard drum sounds?

Then I know what you're looking for
and you should know that you've come to the right place!

Just click on Sounds/Midi > Loops.
Download previews of our items. We dont just let you listen to an mp3...
we give away wav files that you can use instantly
on your hardware/software sampler-sequencer!
If you find yourself hooked on these drums
then give it a try and purchase any of our items.
We also got great offers on combined items!
Purchase them now and save $$ !!

Please make sure you have WinRAR installed before purchasing any items.
We provide it for free at the Utiity section.